Frequently Asked Questions

Does UTERN help with marketing events?

Yes. As UTERN is an umbrella organization for U of T, we encourage students and student groups to send us your events so we can share the information to other U of T students. Please send the information to utern[dot]toronto[at]gmail[dot]com

How did UTERN receive a levy?

In the spring of 2003, UTERN won a levy that we proposed to have a 50-cent-per-undergraduate-student at the University of Toronto per semester. UTERN also receives a 25-cent- levy from all graduate students. At St.George and UTM campuses, our levy is split with Bikechain. Our levy is renewed annually, and we use it in order to support student-led projects in relation to the environment and sustainability at University of Toronto. Please visit our About Us page for details.

How can I contact UTERN?

You can email us at OR our mailbox is UTERN 1016V at 33 Willcocks Street.

You can also follow us and contact us on Facebook and Instagram.

I am from UTM or UTSC, can I still receive funding?

UTERN is a tri-campus organization, and our executive includes representatives for UTM and UTSC. UTM and UTSC students and student groups are able to receive just as much funding and support as UTSG students . So go ahead, and fill out an application form.

Levy opt-out rates?

Full time graduate students: 16.5%
Part time graduate students: 24.7%

To receive levy reimbursements, students can email us at with their full name, student number and proof of registration. with their full name, student number and proof of registration.

Who is David Powell?

David Powell is the staff supervisor for UTERN. He is a cool guy, who also likes dogs and hockey.

Where can I find what UTERN has funded so far?

If you would like to see the projects, conferences and events UTERN has funded, visit our Funding History page, which outlines the amount funded, date of issue, and the name of the organization or student.

Where can I find your meeting minutes?

UTERN’s meeting minutes are shared on our website to ensure transparency about our activities. If you would like to keep up with our meeting minutes, please head over to our Policy page to find the documents.

Have any lingering questions?

Feel free to send us a message.

Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge that UofT is on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg Peoples,Haudenosaunee Peoples, and The Chippewa Peoples, and is the subject of the Dish with OneSpoon Wampum Belt Covenant. The Mississauga's of The New Credit are the most recent to call. The Greater Toronto Area their home, but we also seek to acknowledge the Petun-TionontatiPeoples, The Huron-Wendat, and The Attiwonderonk Neutral Nations. Toronto (as it includesScarborough) and Mississauga are also governed under Treaty 13 (Toronto), The TorontoPurchase of 1805, The Ajetance Treaty 19 of 1808 (Mississauga), Treaties 22 and 23(Mississauga), along with Treaty 13A (Mississauga). We seek to realign our thinking and effortsto further and center Indigenous causes and movements.

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